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Action Screen sells a number of customizable displays including indoor and outdoor signage. These displays are great for showing your potential customers who you are and what your message is. 

If you have any questions regarding our displays or would like to place an order please contact Vincent at 416-930-1928 or


Foam Board Displays

A foam board display of your company's mascot, your favourite characters, or your new promotions can be perfect for strengthening your company branding and telling potential customers what you're selling! We can print and cutout a thick foam board of almost any shape or size that you need to create a 3D cutout display. Additionally, if you don't need a cutout but you do need a foam board display we can help you with those as well! Contact Vincent if you have any questions regarding foam display options or if you'd like to place an order!

Indoor Signage

Show your clients they're at the right office by using indoor displays You can put your logo above a reception desk, at your front doors, or anywhere else in the office! Want to direct people to the correct office in the building? Put up a directory board to point everyone in the right direction. Contact Vince for more information and to place an order today!

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