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Our Story

Our story begins 40 years ago when our founder Vincent Chan moved from Hong Kong a place where English is a second language to Toronto. In his 40 years in Canada, Vincent worked from being an employee at print shops to a designer, to finally owning his own printing business, Action Screen. Through it all he learned a great deal. It is with all of his experience, his ever-refreshing ideas, and his drive to make his ideas a reality that Action Screen was created. Vincent founded Action Screen 30 years ago with the belief that all creative ideas can be transformed into a marketable product. He acts as an advisor and always makes sure that he can offer any product his customers look for. Vincent continues to work hard to ensure all of his customers dreams come true, providing quick and accommodating services around the clock. Whatever you're looking for, even if it's not featured on our website, Vincent can help you find what you need! Contact us to place an order today and trust that Vincent will make all of your dreams come true.

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Have some big idea or brand to develop and need help? Then reach out we'd love to hear about your project and provide help regarding your printing needs.


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