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Upload Artwork

Artwork MUST be sent in by 11:00 a.m. Toronto, Canada time on the day of processing. Otherwise, printing may be delayed by another day. If you want your own custom artwork for your product or if you'd like to send us your picture or any logos or images you would like on your product please follow these steps:


Make sure your file is a PDF or a High Resolution JPEG file and label the file with your name and company (ex. Joyce Chan Remax) If you have an issue making your file into these file types please Contact Vincent


Go to and upload your files. You should see the webpage shown below. The images in the webpage may change but you should always see the white box that asks you to add your files. Make sure to click the blue plus button to add your files or drag your files to that area, then fill in your information and click "Transfer". 


Please email Vincent and let him know that you've sent the files and if you have any additional notes or corrections you would like him to know about the files

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