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Custom Business Card

  • Not all additional features are listed on this website. Hot stamping, coloured edges, and UV Spot Printing are available for many different kinds of thicknesses, if you do not see a feature you would like for your card please contact us and we will help you make it!

    *When ordering cards with HOT STAMPING you will need to choose the number of sides you want hot stamping, and also the number of sides you want the images printed on. (Ex. you can have hot stamping on 1 side but normal printing on 2 sides) Hot Stamping gives your card more texture and a nicer effect. On the website you will be choosing the number of sides you want to have hot stamping. When Vincent confirms the order with you, you can specify if you want normal printing on 1 or 2 sides.*

  • What is listed on our website:

    For 14pt and 16pt thickness: Matte and Glossy cards are available

    For 19pt thickness: Matte, Glossy, and Hot Stamping is available

    For 28pt thickness: Matte Lamination, UV Spot Raised on 1 side,and Hot Stamping is available

    If you do not see a feature that you want on the card please contact us and we can make the perfect card for you!

Online Orders are currently unavailable please contact Vincent Chan at 416-930-1928 or

All prices shown on website are INCORRECT and will NOT be honoured. Please contact Vincent Chan for correct prices

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